Going From Glasses to Contact lenses

Published: 01st June 2010
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It can be made easy to change to contact lenses from glasses. The best way to start switching from glasses to contact lenses would be to find the things that could be possibly risky to do, like removing Contact Lenses, putting in Contacts, putting in eye drops and cleaning Contact Lenses. then, after identifying the cause of the difficulty, simply find the right tool for the job You can always try the old method of using your fingers to put things in your eye. after all, you know where they've been? right? think about it, The tiny recesses of the skin that make up your fingerprints are like giant chasms to microscopic critters like microbes, no matter how well you wash your hands they can still be on them.

Contact lenses Have improved a lot over the years, Better plastics, Improved New manufacturing and Now, there is an Amazing new better way to put in Contacts.

The EyePOD Contact Lens Kit makes wearing contact lenses Safer by reducing the chance of microbes from your "clean" fingers going into your eye. Simply Put Your contact lenses In and remove your Contacts in a moment. No dexterity, No Mirrors, No Bending your neck required. Even if you are drunk, putting in your Contacts is still easy. never again poking yourself in the eye while trying to put your Contacts out after a Good Night with a hot date.

Plus By making sure only one drop of eye drops gets in your eye, the EyePOD helps you get the proper amount of medicine and not waste a single drop

The EyePOD Contact Lens Kit makes it Easy to Switch From Glasses to Contact lenses

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