A Guide to Replacing A HP Printer Power Supply

Published: 25th October 2010
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If you have destroyed your HP printer power adapter you will have to replace it with the right kind of printer power adapter. finding the right HP printer power adapter for your HP printer can sometimes be difficult, but it is important. in this post we will try to help you understand both why it is important and what kind of resources are available that can help you find the right printer power supply for your HP printer.

Bear in mind, these printer power supplies come in many different models with different charge profiles for each model of printer, because each printer power cable provides a different amount of power through different connectors. be aware though matching the type of connector to fit your HP printer is just the beginning, because it's not enough that you match the kind of connector, you will need to also find one that outputs the specific amps and voltage that your HP printer needs. using a HP printer power cord that does not have the right connector is just about impossible, but using one that gives the wrong amount of amps or voltage can damage your printer, destroy your printer or just outright not work .

Terms like Voltage and amps tend to be a bit intimidating, in order to clear it up a bit. Stated as simply as possible, voltage is a measurement of the speed of the electricity flowing through the wires. and Amps is a measurement of the amount of electricity running through the wire . that is some useful info, but it is one of those things that is already figured out by the creators of those tools that we will be providing towards the end of this guide.

You may be thinking that you will get away with using one of those universal power supplies for your HP printer, with most printers because of the proprietary plug that is not an option. But with some, it can work, however be cautious, since if you provide the wrong amps or voltage it is possible to damage or destroy your printer, and because most modern HP printers require multi-prong plugs that output different power levels on each prong it can be very tricky to properly set the universal power supply. It's a good idea to get the proper power adapter built for your printer rather than mucking about with setting the universal power supply.

Although There are only a few places that you can go to find the right kind of power adapter for your HP printer, fortunately there are some tools that do provide good information that can assist you with locating the right power adapter for your printer. one of these websites is the manufacturer's website, which will give you the model number of the power cable of the printer you have. Another good place to get this info, is http://hppoweradapters.com not only will it give you the power adapter that is meant to be used for your printer, but it will also tell you which power supply can also be used for your printer, they will also give you a link to the best place where you can buy a printer power supply at a very low price.

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